v1.1.1 ch..ch..ch..changes.

For something that was intended to be very simple.. or not even a thing, I seem to have a sizeable changelog in front of me. Fine as resigned to it being an evolving piece.

Some main changes:

Sharing – A while ago someone from Nottingham posted some images of their ‘Aura results’ as screenshots. Since then I have always wanted to implement this in a nice way. Sure people can take a snapshot then mail the snapshot, but wanted this smoothly inside the program. Great word-of-mouth advertising if people do it.
This is now implemented! A ‘paper plane’ button  produces a screenshot with the Results page, hiding the UI buttons, but showing the URL AuraAlert.com, then pops up the devices social sharing dialog so they can email, message etc. whatever they prefer.

Logo Change – liked the original logo, but thought it too corporate/corporeal considering the esoteric/ethereal subject. New one more alchemical symbolesque.?

Actually wobbly one didn’t look good at the smaller sizes that app needs for phones, so it’s this:


Achievements + Titles – Achievements panel that drops down has been spruced up a bit and ‘Titles’ have been added, which will start like ‘Mostly Harmless’ and increase in magnificence. Titles are mainly to add some more variation to advancing.

Results – Previously results were either some ‘advice’ or a ‘task’ for the user to do. I thought it would be good to let them choose to do either, like truth or dare and made it that way. However on trying it, with the new sharing button things were cluttered. So now I will have a main text with is a personal reflection of their Aura, (known as a revelation internally) example:

‘The Badger King looks favourably upon you. Relationships that were uncertain will find stability. The Cake is a Lie.’

Followed by one button which will give either advice or task, now called: ‘Insight’ or ‘Action’. Examples:

Insight: “You will never reach your destination if you throw stones at every dog that barks.”

Action: “Sleep with a spoon under your pillow for one week.”

References – I have included various references, without an overarching plan, just in the hope that someone will see an odd phrase such as ‘The Cake is a Lie’  look it up, and be introduced to games/books/films that I like. AuraAlert will be peppered with references which can result in recognition or new journeys depending on the users exposure/curiosity. Later puzzles will require a curiosity though!

Image – I think what is missing from this screen is some kind of image, using a library of random images is probably no good as I want to keep the app light, but I could have a small set of mandala/chakra type abstract images to give the screen some flavour.