March 26, 2016

TESTING…for iPhone / iPad

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price: less than a coffee in a tax-dodging, chain coffee shop.

Dear Fiend,

Aura Alert – more Toy than Game, but does contain a buried story and a mystery to solve if you can find them.

 I would be incandescent if you tried and rated it on the app store.

App Store ratings don’t show unless ‘enough (mysterious changing Apple number) people’  have rated it for that version.  

So it would be really helpful if you could rate it for any version you use.

•  Can’t be arsed to write a review?
Fine! but please click ‘Review’ then just click the stars to rate (Good-looking, intelligent people tend to plump for 5 stars).

•  Can be arsed to leave a review? Gushing praise or a couple of enigmatic, mysterious words preferred.
•  Suggestions for Aura Alert? I’d love to hear them.
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I you want any more info, or want to be invited to the devlog,  just use the contact form on the front of this site.

Many thanks,