February 3, 2016


Nurturing Auras is a complex subject; however, using Aura Alert is simplicity itself!

Using modern touchscreen technology we have removed all the unnecessary shenanigans traditionally associated with Aura revelation.

The method is transparent and easy to understand with immediate results; the opposite of the convoluted methods employed by hucksters (especially that charlatan Blavatsky!) to bamboozle the public.


  1. ) Download the Application from the App Store to your iPhone – please see FAQ if you have an Android device.
  2. ) Hold your finger (or preferred part of your anatomy) to the screen until your Aura is captured.
  3. ) After a few seconds your personal Aura Alert analysis will be provided.
  4. ) Advice to improve your Aura may include a task, a puzzle or words to reflect on.
  5. ) Should a task be difficult to carry out in your current location, re-caputre your Aura to receive an alternative option.
  6. ) You should use Aura Alert sparingly yet regularly to achieve progress.

For more information please consult the FAQ.