Fragmented Narratives. The game has several narratives. How these should emerge is something that I am working on. One ‘story’ has been completed which was to be presented in chapters. I am toying with how best to present these. At the moment they are just text at web addresses that the app points to when you uncover Read more about Narrative[…]


If you are reading this you are likely invited as a Friend / Indie Game Dev / Writer / Artist or similar. Aura Alert is an experiment. Encourage feedback/questions/suggestions in comments here and share with friends. If you want to review it/blog, please let me know and I will send you a press pack. Unless you are working with a team, Read more about START HERE[…]


Actually this post doesn’t contain spoiler alerts; it’s ‘about’ spoiler alerts / trailers. Surely it is a conundrum for anyone producing a game/film/novel etc. in which surprise and changing expectation is core to the experience. Aura Alert is a game masquerading as an App. ie the iTunes description states it has a certain function, and this is replicated on Read more about [SPOILER ALERTS!][…]